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Nothing tests your vegan self-control as much as a cool looking drink with a bit of dairy in it.

Yin and yang represents the battle between good and evil when it comes to veganism. One one hand you have yin, the dark path of meat and dairy. This is not only the immoral path you can take in life, but also the most boring path.

Without the virtuous restrictions of veganism, the world becomes your oyster. The problem is that oysters are very uninteresting creatures. They are also not vegan. Having too many options when it comes to food is a disaster waiting to happen.

Eat and drink whatever you want without any worrying. Go to a pie contest. Don’t even bother to ask the judge if the pie contains any eggs or butter. Stuff your face with pie like your life depends on it. Live like a king. Have dominion over the land and the animals themselves! The dark path of yin should be appealing to no one.

Or you could go yang vegan and not do any of that stuff. Turn down any food that has the slightest hint of dairy. Watch as your friends and family eat pie after pie. But you’ll have your kale. You’ll always have your kale.

I think the choice is obvious. Go vegan. Go yang. Yang big or yang home.

Yin Yang Drink
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