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Who else would be interested in a cartoon for kids called Wasabi and Ginger? I imagine that Wasabi would be a real hot head and his buddy Ginger is always getting him out of trouble. We could have the next Tom and Jerry on our hands here.

I already have the pilot episode all planned out. Wasabi and Ginger go grocery shopping together because they are friends. Wasabi wants a mango but has no money. He shoplifts the mango. Ginger witnesses the crime and is torn between friendship and justice. Ridden by guilt, he calls the police. Wasabi feels betrayed. He stabs Ginger. The credits roll.

Moral of the episode: Snitches get stitches. This is a children’s show. They need to learn the important lessons in life as soon as possible.

Ginger will be voiced by Steve Buscemi obviously. Wasabi will be voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda because that man is a national treasure. I have a budget of ten dollars and zero experience. Fox will probably pick it up.

To anyone who dislikes this idea, please keep in mind that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is an actual show that aired on cable television. If we can glorify childhood obesity, than surely we can do the same for wasabi and ginger.

Wasabi And Ginger
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