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I ordered a vegan pizza with vegan cheese, vegan broccoli, vegan peppers, vegan tomato sauce, and vegan dough. I also asked for some more vegan napkins. Was the waiter amused? No. Did everything come out right? You bet it did.

Maybe this is the best way to promote veganism. Make everything vegan. If you obnoxiously point out that all the normal things in life are vegan then the few not vegan things will start to seem much more abnormal.

Bob vegan wakes up in the morning. Bob gets the vegan newspaper off his vegan porch. Bob sits down on his vegan couch to drink a vegan cup of vegan coffee. Bob scrambles an egg. Wait, what the hell was that last one Bob?

You can do it too. You didn’t get a promotion last month. You got a vegan promotion. You can’t call in sick at vegan work because you don’t want to get vegan fired.

Will your friends and family start to vegan hate you after a while? Will your wife file for a vegan divorce? I wouldn’t be vegan surprised.

None of that stuff really vegan matters. The only important thing in vegan life is that you eat vegan vegan food and save all the vegan cows and vegan chickens and make non-vegan people stop eating non-vegan meat.

Are vegan you vegan getting vegan the vegan picture vegan yet? It’s vegan not vegan that vegan hard vegan to vegan understand.

Vegan vegan vegan.

Very Vegan Pizza
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