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This sick droopy mint is wise enough to recognize that sometimes water is a better medicine than a pound of prescription drugs.

Did you know that mint likes water? I sure didn’t. Here are all the things I tried doing to cure my various mint leafs before finally learning about this H2O remedy.

1. I lit the mint on fire. With a torch. Where did I get a torch, you ask? That’s not important. The important thing to know is that the mint caught on fire instantly and quickly turned to ash. Mint is very flammable. I believe that is how the fireman worded it once the inferno was under control. Have you ever attempted to make a mojito using mint ash? It tastes as ashy as you would guess.

2. I prayed for the well-being of the mint. The mint withered away. God is dead.

3. I injected a syringe full of adrenaline straight into the stem. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I was hoping that the mint would immediately spring back into life. Or at least it would explode. Something exciting. Nope. Nothing.

4. I put a leech on the mint leaf to suck out the sickness. No medical recovery occurred, but the leech did look quite pleased. I like to think that he enjoyed the minty flavor. Maybe they prefer mint to blood. Most leeches just haven’t discovered their love for mint yet.

5. I took the mint to the vet. My local veterinarian explained to me that mint is not animal. Mint is plant. You learn something new every day.

Use Water To Cure Dying Mint
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