Here are our current ten favorite vegan products, in no particular order. Expect this list to change every month or so because we are fickle creatures.

1. Falafel Mix

I wonder when someone will invent the falafel waffle and if they will name it the fawaffle or if that would be too confusing.



2. Mango

Why was the mango following the guy around town? Because mango go where man go.




3. Fresh Tossed Salad

Do you know what salad stands for?
Salads are much more offensive than most people would assume.

4. Red Curry

This red curry is orange. I’ve heard a lot of good things about India, but they are obviously centuries behind the rest of the world when it comes to understanding simple colors.



5. UB Super Plant Based Protein Smoothie

Scott Kanyok of UB Super created this outstanding vegan smoothie blend after he survived a life-threatening bycicle accident. Once I stubbed my toe and it sent me spiraling into a month-long crippling depression. Different strokes for different folks.



6. Tofu

Not only is tofu a delicious source of vegan protein, but it can also double as an effective sponge. These days I only wash my dishes with blocks of tofu.




7. Orange

Always peel an orange by carving tiny circles into it. This enhances the citrus flavor and only takes 30 times longer than the usual method.



8. Vegan Soup

I missed the solar eclipse because I was busy looking at this bowl of soup. I have no regrets. It is a very good bowl of soup. I may not live to see another solar eclipse.



9. Pistachios

Pistachios are just vegan clams.




10. Vegan Tacos

I would love to eat some authentic vegan tacos but I’m having trouble locating Vegan Mexico on a map.



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