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It doesn’t matter which way you cut your mango. Your hands will get sticky. Your mouth will get sticky. Your soul will get sticky.

Do you know of Spiderman? He is a superhero. Many people think that Spiderman can climb walls because he was bit by a radioactive spider. Wrong. Spiderman held a mango for too long. His hands haven’t been the same since. Now his mango-ridden fingers get stuck on everything, walls included. With great stickiness comes great responsibility.

Do you know what a sticky situation is? This is any situation that involves mangoes. For example, imagine that Paul’s sister gives him a mango for his 30th birthday. Paul is now smack dab in the middle of a sticky situation. Paul is also a very lucky man. His sister has given him a most wonderful present and he should cherish her for it. This is going to be his birthday yet.

When Paul turns 31 he will look back upon this day and sadly find that this birthday pales in comparison to his 30th. No mango this year. Does his sister not love him anymore, or did she simply fear that another mango would make for a redundant gift? Did she withhold the mango this year because he drinks too much? That must be it. 31 will be a year of change. A sober year. Then maybe 32 will bring another birthday mango.

The Stickiest Mango
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