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Do you have a friend who was dumb enough to try the cinnamon challenge? Tell us how dumb they looked doing it. Has your dumb friend done any other dumb things worth sharing?

For the uninitiated, the cinnamon challenge is an event where a nincompoop attempts to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking any water. They fail, suffer, and everyone laughs at their expense. You should try it yourself.

Here are some other fun vegan food challenges you can try.

1. Stick bamboo under your friend’s fingernails. This is a game that soldiers on opposing sides would play to pass the time during the Vietnam War.

2. Purchase three watermelons. Drill a hole in one and put a live hamster in it. Can your friends and family guess which watermelon is hiding the hamster?

3. Tape a knife to your roomba and let it loose in your living room. Attempt to defeat it in hand to hand combat. This challenge does not involve food but it is technically vegan unless the roomba somehow eats you. The purpose is that it will help prepare you for the inevitable robot uprising. Will you courageously defend humanity’s future, or do you plan to bow at the metallic feet of our machine overlords?

4. Eat a whole cantaloupe in one bite. It takes the average man 200 bites to eat an entire cantaloupe, so this would be quite the feat!

5. Throw a bunch of banana peels on the floor. Tie on a blindfold and try to run across them all without slipping on any or running into a wall. Invite your parents to watch so they can learn that you are not the failure they always believed you to be.

6. Steal an apple the next time you’re at a grocery store. Make sure an employee sees you doing it. Run for your life. Can you eat the entire apple before security tackles you?

The Cinnamon Challenge Is Not The Only Vegan Challenge
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