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It’s crazy that these sweet potato fries are purple. It’s crazier that they navigated their way to my table on this boat.

I love boats. Lately I’ve been working hard on building a vegan ark. When people ask me “Working hard or hardly working?” I say “working hard”. It’s going to be a lot like Noah’s Ark but way more vegan. I imagine that the lions on his boat ate the weaker animals, like the caterpillars and sloths.

My ark will have two of every fruit and vegetable. That way they can breed and create tiny fruit and vegetable seeds. I will give each new seed a name. Like John, Susan, or Tomato.

I am undecided if papaya will be allowed on the ark though. As vegan as the papaya may be, it still tastes like sweat. Maybe they could just go extinct along with everything that isn’t on an ark.

Oh no, I just realized it might be a problem that there are no animals on this boat. All of the world’s creatures will surely all drown in the flood. Except the fish and squids. All the non-gilly creatures will definitely die though. Now I understand why Noah wanted all those animals on his big boat. I always assumed he was just lonely.

Sweet Potato Boat
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