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saltandpepperDue to the recent growth of racial tension in society, let us take a moment to think about salt and pepper. Salt is white. Pepper is noticeably darker than white. With such a drastic color difference, how is it that salt and pepper are still able to proudly stand side by side with one another?

Salt, for one, does not use its privileges to systematically keep pepper at an economic and social disadvantage. Salt also does not cross to the other side of the street just because pepper is standing on the sidewalk. Pepper may not be smiling, and may even have a hood on at the time, but salt recognizes that these frivolous things do not mean that pepper will try to mug salt.

Just as admirably, pepper does not blame salt for the transgressions of a few bad grains. Sure, there are a few grains of salt that believe pepper shouldn’t be allowed on the same table. But instead of blaming the entire shaker, pepper realizes that these misinformed grains of salt were gathered from a mine where everyone is a bit socially backward. Or maybe the few grains of salt that openly hate pepper are simply very very old and stuck in their ways, and just need to be ignored until they die.

Instead of digging for petty reasons to hate each other, salt and pepper cooperate day in and day out in order to make even the blandest of dishes tolerable. Be more like salt and pepper.

Salt and Pepper
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