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preservedlemonsA fresh lemon can last in your refrigerator for 1-2 months. If for some reason it takes you longer than that to make lemonade, buy this jar of preserved lemons to help enable your crippling indecisiveness. You’ll never have to make a lemon related decision again. Open your refrigerator so that you can make some refreshing lemonade. The lemons gawk at you as the light shines in your face. Maybe today isn’t the right day for lemonade. That is fine. Minds change. Close the door. Come back another day. The lemons will be there waiting for you. Always.

The lemons will outlive you. This is nothing to fear. This is natural. Perhaps you choose to be buried with the lemons, just as the ancient Egyptian pharaohs took their prized possessions and slaves with them to the grave. Archaeologists will one day dig you up and find nothing but bones and lemons. This will show them that you lived a happy life. Not everyone experiences the unparalleled joy of preserved lemons. You did.

Your legacy will be preserved through the lemons for ages.  Do you see the magic here? The very same lemons you once took pride in preserving now preserve you. The student has become the teacher. This very well may be the secret to immortality. Tell your friends. There is no circle of life, just a straight line that stops at a jar of citrusy goodness.

Fast forward. In the year 3000 society has become a wasteland. Buildings crumble. Life is but a memory. Only the lemons remain now. Day by day they watch over their kingdom of dirt. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with preserved lemons.

Preserved Lemons
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