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Blueberries are quite possibly the only blue food in the world that isn’t an artificially colored phony.

Is blue the rarest color? Food tells us yes. Did you also know that blue is the most vegan color? Anything you see that is blue has been created from blueberries.

Red dye is made out of crushed up beetles. This is not vegan.

In ancient times purple was the most valuable color because it had to be extracted from tens of thousands of sea snails. This is also not vegan.

Yellow and black both come from the humble bumble bee. Have you heard the disastrous news that bees are dropping like flies? This is because they are being harvested for their colors. Too many profit-hungry corporations see bees as nothing but a buzzing two-for-one color special.

Green is made by mixing blue and yellow together. You learned this in kindergarten. Because yellow is not vegan, this means that green is only half vegan. Something that is half vegan is not vegan at all. Green is not vegan.

All the other colors come from the mysterious giant squid. Their ink may appear black to the naked eye, but it actually contains a rainbow of secrets.

As you can see, blue is the only truly vegan color. If you want to achieve the highest level of vegan enlightenment, you must go on an all blue diet. You will be malnourished and vitamin deficient, but your soul will be oh so pure.

Naturally Blue Blueberries
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