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Well I guess you can’t convince everyone to go vegan. Sometimes I worry that Milo doesn’t even understand the concept of veganism.

Has your cat even attempted to go vegan? I feel like mine isn’t even trying. The other day I tried to explain the benefits of a plant-based diet and tofu to Milo here. He ran off and an hour later he returned with a dead mouse in his mouth.

Milo is a very good cat but his questions on veganism range from dumb to downright weird. They started off sort of related to veganism but then he got distracted and his thoughts quickly descended into madness. Here are a few of the odd ones he has asked me.

1. If you don’t eat the kale first then won’t it eat you?

2. How many vegans can you fit in a barrel?

3. Was Saddam Hussein a vegan?

4. Is meat vegan if we’re in the matrix?

5. How many pounds in a potato?

6. Where does the weather go?

7. How do I collect your taxes?

8. If a whale eats his body weight in krill then is he still a whale or is he a giant krill?

9. What is the capital of Tennessee and can you please tell me everything that is illegal there?

10. Who is Freddie Mercury and how do I collect his taxes?

I’ll try to teach him about factory farming tomorrow but my hopes are not very high. Milo simply does not appear to be very interested in veganism. Strangely, he only seems interested in being a cat.

My Cat Is Not Very Vegan
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2 thoughts on “My Cat Is Not Very Vegan

  • June 23, 2017 at 11:36 am

    hahaha I don’t think my cats would ever agree to going Vegan either.

  • July 14, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    1) Only if it’s Audrey III.
    2) Depends on the vegan species. Gorilla, no. Rolly Polly’s, millions.
    3) Only if you can’t count on gravity.
    4) Only if your on day 3 and it’s a naughty dream.
    5) I revert back to answer 4.
    6) It follows Jimmy Buffet’s Greatest Hits.
    7) At the PorcFest with sordid federal notes.
    8) As I am not a french fry and yet have experienced a similar situation, I would have to say no.
    9) Nashville. And all the wrong things. They strangely have a penchant for adding sour cream to everything.
    10) I was his nanny.


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