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Bubble tea in a light bulb. Bulble tea. Either Thomas Edison would be very amused by this or he is rolling in his grave right now.

Here are some other convenient hacks that will make living the vegan life fun and easy.

1. Hide your cash and valuables inside used banana peels. Burglars may be crafty, but even the most clever criminal will forget to check inside the banana peels.

2. Hollow out a carrot and use it as a straw. Most store bought straws lack any flavor. Disappointing. Carrot straws, on the other hand, have a fresh overpowering carrot taste.

3. Hollow out a strawberry and use it as a straw. Most foods can be turned into straws as long as you make it so that they have an outside but no insides.

4. Mix in oatmeal with your favorite potted plant. Save precious time by eating breakfast and watering your number one fern simultaneously.

5. Have you been on the hunt for fancy new blue suede shoes? Save money by buying a pair of cheaper brown suede shoes and dipping them in a bucket of smashed blueberries. Your friends will be jealous of your ability to afford such expensive blue suede shoes. Little do they know that you have a blueberry secret up your sleeves.

Light Bulb Bubble Tea
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