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GMO stuff is getting out of control. I can’t tell if my tomato looks like a strawberry or if my strawberry looks like a tomato.

If we’re going to let genetic modification run wild then scientists might as well come up with some cooler ideas than some lame fruit who can’t decide if he’s a strawmato or a tomberry.

Here’s my ideas for GMO’s done right:

1. An avocado that stays ripe longer than five minutes. I’m not asking for a lot here. Just give me some middle ground between it being hard as a rock and it becoming brown squishy mud inside.

2. Vegan chicken wings. Make them grow straight out of the ground, bones and all. No heart, no soul, no problem.

3. Hot potatoes. I’m talking natural heat. 150 degrees fahrenheit minimum. This way if you’d like to roast or bake your potato it is already closer to the desired temperature than a normal potato would be. This equates to less time spent cooking and more time to engage your wife and children in conversation.

4. Watermelons with little outlet holes in them. Oh no, your phone is running out of battery but all the outlets are already taken? No need to panic, just plug your cellular device into the nearest watermelon.

5. Brussels sprouts that don’t smell like Brussels sprouts. Any other scent please. Anything.

GMO Strawberry Tomato
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