Q: Is meat vegan?

A: No, this is a common misconception. Meat is in fact not vegan. It is animal. Do not eat animal.

Q: Is fish vegan?

A: No, fish is also animal.

Q: In your reviews could you also specify if things are gluten free or paleo?

A: No. Don’t have children.

Q: I already have more children than the previous question and answer suggests I ought to have. What am I to do?

A: I would recommend that you trade in your offspring for pets that require less responsibility, such as a fish and/or rock.

Q: Would Kennedy have been assassinated if he was vegan?

A: No, he would be alive and well. Thank you for providing the first not terrible question.

Q: Is God vegan?

A: Yes, he sustains himself primarily on love and cashews. This is worse than the last question but still not terrible.

Q: Your website is stupid and I hate you.

A: This is a frequently stated insult. I am only responding to frequently asked questions here.

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