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I always specifically request spinach wraps because green is the most environmentally friendly color. As you have learned from us before, colors range from vegan to not vegan. Today you will learn that they can also range from environmentally friendly to “this color has killed all the trees and the squirrels that dwell inside them”.

The environment is 99% green. Grass, trees, spinach, and other lively parts of nature all contain the color green. You could throw your spinach wrap into a field of grass and it would just blend right in. It would even help the grass grow. Both green. Both good for the environment.

You may have heard that the environment is dying. This is sad but true. Climate change is killing the coral reefs, polar bears, and everything in between. There is a lot of stuff in between those two very far apart things. Why is the environment dying, you ask? This is a complicated question, but the easiest answer is that we have been using too many non-green colors.

Red is derived from blood, making it the least environmentally friendly color. Animal agriculture is the largest man-made contributor to global warming. Factory farms do not only senselessly slaughter animals for their meat, but also to collect their blood to make red paint. So the next time you throw on your favorite red sweater please keep in mind that you are wearing the blood of an innocent creature.

Blue is made from water. This is why all the fish are dying. We are literally stealing their homes so we can manufacture blue crayons to draw fake oceans. It takes 24 gallons of water to produce one blue crayon. To fully comprehend how unsustainable this is, just think about this eye opening fact: We already have more blue crayons than oceans. Horrifying.

All other colors that are not green, red, or blue are made from cutting down a perfectly healthy tree and harnessing its soul into a singular color. I don’t understand the science behind this, that’s just the way it works.

Environmentally Friendly Wrap
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