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enokimushroomsThe packaging on these mushrooms was in a very foreign language so here’s to hoping they can be eaten raw. If there is no new post in the next few days then just know that I died the way I lived, eating questionable food against my better judgment.

As a self-proclaimed food critic, it is in my nature to blindly eat whatever is put in front of me. It’s sort of like being a glorified lab rat with food instead of drugs. Unless the drugs are vegan. In those cases I am more than qualified to eat those drugs. Anyway, the main difference is that lab rats get paid. Vegan food critics do not. I am ironically starving. Send help.

Have you ever eaten something without knowing what the devil it was? I once got halfway through eating a turnip before realizing it was actually a live armadillo. Boy did I feel silly. That was a real shame, because I was thoroughly enjoying that turnip and planned on giving it a five star review. The Vegan Food Critic seal of approval, if you will. But due to our strict rating scale, I was forced to give that scrumptious armadillo turnip lookalike zero stars. A disappointment for both me and the dillo I’m sure.

Enoki Mushrooms
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