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dominosDomino’s is crazy because you can eat the cardboard box along with the pizza and if you close your eyes you won’t even know which is which. This meaty abomination contains at least two different animals. You would then think that by carnivore logic it should taste at least twice as good, but no. Sadly it is just twice as disappointing.

Remember the Pepsi Challenge where people would taste both Coke and Pepsi without knowing what was in each cup to see which soft drink tasted better and obesity always won? Well guess what, we’ve invented the Domino’s Challenge!

Here’s how it works. First, order a Domino’s pizza. It doesn’t matter what kind. They will all be bad. When the delivery boy arrives take the pizza and make him apologize for what he has given you. He gets no tip and he knows why.

Bring the pizza inside. Place it on your marble kitchen counter. If you do not currently have a marble countertop in your kitchen then please take a few moments to renovate. Marble countertops are second to none and our readers deserve the best. Now take a bite of the horrid pizza. Finally, go ahead and reach into the trash can.

If whatever you pulled out of the garbage tastes better than the pizza then you win! Fun! Not only is this an entertaining game to play with friends, but by eating garbage you are participating in a perverse form of recycling. Both you and the environment get to be big winners in this challenge. In fact, I’ve only seen someone lose this game once and that was only because he had recently thrown out some Papa John’s. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure unless that trash is shitty pizza.

Domino’s Meaty Pizza
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