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Citrus Chandelier makes for a great addition to any kitchen and a kickass band name.

Did you know that most talented musicians are vegan? Moby is vegan. Morrisey is vegan. Thom Yorke is vegan. And what is Weird Al Yankovic, the most respected musician of all? You guessed it, the parody king is a raging vegan!

Musicians who eat meat often suck because bacon grease clogs their throats and makes their voice sound much like the wretched oinks of a pig. Nickelback is not vegan. This is the main reason why everyone hates Nickelback. Most people assume they are hated for their generic and uninspired rock music, but they are actually despised because they eat animals.

Here are some other ideas for vegan-inspired band names:

1. Jimmy Eat Kale

2. AC/DCarrots

3. The Rolling Turnips

4. Potato Patrol

5. The Beetles

6. Led Spinach

7. Pink Pear

8. Radiopear

9. Pear2

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers

11. The Beach Bananas

12. Guns N’ Apples

13. Fleetwood Vegan Mac and Cheese

14. Maroon Chives

15. Blink-180 Broccoli

16. Grateful Avocado

17. Blind Melon

All of these band names are original and none of them are ripped off of bands that already exist. My mind is a waterfall of endless creativity. Also, I have trademarked all these band names and if you try to use any of them I will unleash an onslaught of lawsuits upon you until you are living on the streets.

Citrus Chandelier
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