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There is nothing funny about cheese. Please take the horrors of the dairy industry seriously. Never laugh.

Humor can only be found in vegan things. Travesties such as meat, dairy, and Tyler Perry films are no laughing matter. Non-vegan food only brings depression and suffering.

Here’s a helpful humor guide that will show you the right way to tickle your funny bone.

Funny: Tom slips on a banana peel. Looks like the monkey got the last laugh this time!

Not Funny: Tom drops the hot dog he was eating and slips on it. Fuck you Tom. I hope the fall broke your neck.

Funny: Tom accidentally spills mustard on his brand new shirt. Classic Tom, always goofing off.

Not Funny: Tom accidentally spills mustard on his brand new shirt. Because he was eating a hot dog. Fuck you Tom. No wonder your wife left you.

Funny: Tom stuffs 10 pieces of cauliflower into his mouth. His cheeks are full like those of the hungry chipmunk. You’re killing us with comedy Tom.

Not Funny: Tom stuffs 10 marshmallows into his mouth. Fuck you Tom. Your mouth is full of horse hoof puffs. Stick to cauliflower you fat bastard.

Funny: Arrested Development. That’s just some high quality television, no doubt about it. Would Micheal Cera even exist without this show? The world may never know.

Cheese Is Not Funny
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